As a Shopify store owner, chances are you’d love to boost sales. To do this, you need to not only understand your opportunities for new customers but for extra business from existing customers, too. This means knowing how much customers are buying and ways to increase the number of products they’re purchasing. A great way to do this is by adding related products to their shopping experience. Not only will this help you convert more browsers into buyers, but, along with complementary app integrations, it also helps with SEO and conversion rates. Here, we’ll walk through how to add related products to your Shopify store.

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What are Shopify Related Products?

Shopify related products are simply upsells and cross-sells added to product and cart pages, allowing retailers to suggest additional products to their customers. When you show your customers other products that complement their purchases (or products they’ve viewed or shown interest in), you have an opportunity to increase the value of your e-commerce sales and your monthly revenue.

Why are Related Products Essential?

Adding related products to your store is a crucial e-commerce strategy to improve the customer journey. In fact, some retailers have found cross-selling to increase revenue by up to 35%. But, how exactly does this functionality help your business grow? Here are some key reasons:

  • Adding related products to your store helps customers find more items they might be interested in purchasing and also prompts them with things they may have missed when browsing your site. 
  • Using this strategy helps you gather important data and better understand your buyers.
  • There is no development effort needed, so your designers and developers can focus on other growth opportunities.
  • Your on-page SEO also benefits from adding related products to your pages since this encourages customers to stay on your site longer and navigate to new pages. 
  • When customers see related products through their shopping activity, they feel more confident about what they’re looking for.

Should I Add Related Products to My Website?

The short answer is yes. Offering related products to your customers is an essential strategy to keep your e-commerce business growing. Plus, the more you use the related products strategy on your pages, the easier it will be for your customers to find what they need.

Benefits of Cross-Selling on Shopify

By cross-selling on Shopify, you’ll: 

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Cart abandonments are one of the most significant issues that online shops have to deal with. In fact, each year, about $18 billion in lost sales revenue because of card abandonment is reported by e-commerce stores! Cart abandonment not only results in disappointment, but it also means money left on the table. Using the related products feature can help your business reduce cart abandonment by assisting your customers in finding everything they need in your store and improving their overall shopping experience.

Increase conversion rate

Stores that use related or recommended products in their sales strategies have higher conversion rates than their competitors that don’t offer cross-sells. A study found that it’s not only 4.5 times more likely for shoppers selecting recommendations to add those items to their cart, but it’s also 4.5 times more likely that they’ll follow through and complete the purchase. This leads to a higher conversion rate for your store.

Offer a better user experience

related products shopify

One of the biggest challenges of running an online store is providing a great user experience. This means offering excellent visuals or good product stock, and the opportunity to navigate throughout the store’s options and create new purchase possibilities. With the related products feature, you get to offer your customers as close a feeling as possible to walking through a physical store’s aisles to find what they might be missing or forgetting.

Never miss a selling opportunity

related products shopify analytics

As long as your client can see an item or product that’s of interest to them, there’s a bigger chance of a conversion. But, don’t forget that to make this strategy work, you need to get to know your customers’ needs, interests, and intentions of shopping with you or looking up a product. This is much easier when you use an app like Cross Sell to provide you with those analytics and data points. 

How Can I Add Related Products to My Shopify Store?

Cross Sell Related Products Shopify App

You can add related products to your Shopify store manually or use a third-party app like Cross Sell, which will help you automate the process and save time:

Option 1. Some Shopify themes offer the functionality to add cross-sells and upsells to your product pages, like Boundless, Brooklin, Debut, Minimal, Narrative, Simple, and Venture.
Option 2. For more features and functionality like handpicked cross-sells, analytics, pop-ups, and discounts, use a Shopify app like Cross Sell. 

How do Related Products Help Increase Average Order Value (AOV)?

Average order value (AOV) measures how much money is spent by a customer each time they make a purchase. It’s the average value of how much your customers usually spend when buying at your store. To calculate it, simply divide the total revenue of a period by the number of orders made during the same time. One of the benefits of using Cross Sell’s related products feature is that it can help you increase this measure by making your customers frequently find more opportunities to purchase items at your store.

Having increased AOV means:

  • Your return on investment in marketing, stock, and web development will increase. This return happens because you’re bringing in more revenue with the same investment you’ve already made in those initiatives.
  • The more you earn per purchase, the more your business can distribute the profit in re-investments, team bonuses, and business growth.
  • You end up selling more products from your inventory, meaning you increase cash flow and, ultimately, earn more revenue and profit.

Which is the Best Related Products App for Shopify?

Cross Sell is an excellent option to try for your Shopify store. Among many other things, Cross Sell is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to:

  • Customize buttons
  • Create product filters
  • Efficiently track results
  • Improve user experience
  • Display up to 15 cross-sells per page
  • Place “add to cart” buttons for upsells and cross-sells on product and cart pages
  • Take advantage of a proven algorithm to add AI-generated recommendations for each product
  • Set up automatic discounts
  • Add functionality to any Shopify theme

Plus, it’s user-friendly for anyone – no developer required!

Try Cross Sell Now

How to Get Started with Cross Sell

It’s simple to get started with Cross Sell. All you have to do is log in to your Shopify account and go to your user dashboard.  Cross Sell Related Products

Then, on the right sidebar, click on “Online Stores”, and then “Themes”. Cross Sell Themes Page

From there, select “Actions” from that theme and the option “Edit code”. Cross Sell Edit Code

In the Code section, search for a file called “cross-sell.liquid”.Cross Sell Related Products Search

If the file doesn’t exist, just go to the Apps section and install it. This action will automatically generate the file. Cross Sell Related Products Install App

Then, go back to themes and search for a template called “product.liquid”. Cross Sell Related Products Search Liquid

A section of code will open. Go all the way to the end of that and add Cross Sell code.The code is {% include ‘cross-sell’ %}. Click Save. Shopify Related Products Cross Sell code

Look to your cart template by searching for “cart.liquid” and at the end of the code file, add the Cross Sell code again.
Finally, click Save. You’re now ready to start using Cross Sell!Shopify Cross Sell Related Products cart file

Looks easy, doesn’t it? To experience some new Shopify sales strategies like related products, cross-sells, and upsells, try Cross Sell yourself, free for up to 100 recommendation clicks a month.

Try it free. Up to 100 recommendation clicks per month.