Cross Sell – The Best Upsell App for Shopify

best upsell app for shopify

Cross Sell helps Shopify store owners upsell and cross-sell their products in a targeted, meaningful way that converts browsers into loyal customers. This ultimately increases revenue and average order value (AOV), something every store owner dreams of. As the best upsell app for Shopify and used by thousands of store owners, Cross Sell is straightforward to use without complex algorithms, and free to try.

Getting Started with Cross Sell, the Best Upsell App for Shopify

Cross Sell Ecommerce

Install and access Cross Sell by logging in here or through the link from any product page on your Shopify admin site.

Cross Sell Technology

Configure your settings. Conveniently, these can be flexible and automated if you don’t have time to custom pick every cross sell recommendation.

Cross Sell Online Shopping

Integrate Cross Sell with your store’s theme by simply adding the snippet created during installation in your product and basket/cart pages.

Cross Sell Shopify Upsell App Features

Cross Sell Shopify
Shopify Best Upsell App
  • Offer promos when and how you want. With fixed amount, percentage-based, or “buy A get B”-type promotions and offers, it’s easy to entice potential buyers with automatic discounts and or codes.
  • Hand-pick your Cross Sell recommendations by product. Your customers can see up to 15 cross-sell items per page, selected by you. You’ll have flexible product placement on your product and basket/cart pages, and you can show personalized and related add-ons, “also bought”, or “complete-the-look” picks.
  • Utilize handy AI-generated recommendations for your basket/cart page. If you’re not up for custom-picking recommendations, go with the app’s AI-generated selections, uniquely tailored to each product based on its orders, sales history, and collections. This way, you still have complete control over products your customers see and where and when they see them.
  • Upsell related and recommended products store-wide, and cross-sell same-category items. It’s easy to not only give your customers more of what they want but an easy way to get it, too, with a one-click “Add to Cart” pop-up for cross-sells and upsells. You can customize cross-sell items to fit your store’s theme or use the advanced filters for vendor, collection, or product type cross-sell picks.
  • Know exactly how shoppers see and interact with related items. You can do many things when it comes to related items, like displaying them storewide or not at all, showing them in the cart based on the last added item, hiding what’s out of stock and what’s been added to the cart.
  • Integrate to your store on brand, in your look and feel. Take full control over customizing your cross sell buttons, heading text, and overall look by styling everything yourself, choosing a color palette, or using the free support for help with any Shopify theme.

How to Install Your Cross Sell Theme 

Learn Why Customers Prefer Cross Sell

Shopify store owners are constantly looking for new ways to boost sales revenue. The Cross Sell app helps them do this by cross-selling same category items and upselling related products. With Cross Sell, your customers get more of what they want in an easy-to-buy, single click format.

Choose Your Attitude

Choose Your Attitude Shopify

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Extremely appreciate the Cross Sell Support team and the app! We have gone through a pretty complicated challenge. They stuck with me the entire time. Quick responses, quick actions, open to help and do what they can to make it work. Definitely would recommend them for sure!

Mint Floral NZ

Mint Floral Shopify

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

This app is AMAZING! We’ve made close to $1000 in extra sales in the first 30 days we’ve had this app installed. This simple app is well worth the monthly subscription value paid for it. Thank you Petra and team for being so quick to assist us with the changing of our theme etc too! Very happy with the Cross Sell App and with their efficient and friendly service! Thank you Cross Sell for doing what you do! You’re helping us do business better.

Try Cross Sell Free for 14 Days

As a top upsell app for Shopify, Cross Sell is a convenient and easy way to bring upselling and cross-selling to your Shopify store. The tool targets each shopper by making personalized, helpful, and highly reviewed product recommendations. This keeps your customers happy and ready to shop and spend more, which only increases your average order value and bottom line.

Shopify Upsell Apps FAQ

What is an upsell app?

Upsell apps make shopping suggestions and recommendations to your store’s customers for additional items when they go to check out.

What is the difference between cross sell and upsell?

Upselling entices your customers to buy a higher end but similar item to what they’re already considering, and cross selling encourages them to buy complementary or related items.

What is the best upsell app for Shopify?

There are a number of great upsell apps for Shopify, such as Cross Sell. This tool is simple to use, comes with a free trial, and makes cross-selling and upselling Shopify store products a breeze for shop owners. At the same time, it targets shoppers in a meaningful and relevant way so that they become repeat customers.

How do I upsell on Shopify?

You can use an upsell app like Cross Sell with your Shopify store to present products to customers before purchase, at the checkout screen, or after they purchase, on the thank you page.

What is the best post purchase upsell app for Shopify?

There are many different upsell apps for post-purchase. Cross Sell is simple to use and comes with a free trial. The app lets you custom-choose related, recommended, and same-category Cross Sell products across your store.