Boost Sales With Automatic Cross Sells for Your Shopify Store

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Cross Sell can easily help you improve your store’s performance, AOV, and profits with automatic cross sells for product recommendations.

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Drive More Sales Using Automatic Cross Sells

A great way to boost your Shopify store’s revenue is by raising its average order value (AOV). And, the simplest way to do this is by offering your customers cross sells – or personalized recommendations of related products alongside products of interest.

You can save a ton of time with automatic cross sells, upsells, discounts, and product recommendations by using the Cross Sell tool.

With Cross Sell, You Can Easily Set Up Automatic Cross Sells for Shopify

Cross Sell is a Shopify app that makes upselling, cross selling, product bundling, and product recommendations a breeze. Use it to set up automatic cross sells for any items your customers are interested in.

It’s Easy to Set up Automatic Cross Sells With the Cross Sell App

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Boost Sales and Maximize Profit With Automatic Cross Sells

With Cross Sell you can auto-assign handpicked cross sells on the product of your choice as soon as you install the app.

There are three different automatic cross sells to choose from: collection, vendor or sales. Simply pick what works best for each product and assign the automatic cross sell to it.

Follow the steps below to auto-generate cross sells in bulk by collection.

Auto-Generate Bulk Cross Sells By Collection

To auto-generate cross sells from a collection for all of your products that have handpicked cross sells, simply choose the “use auto-generated handpick within a collection” setting under General Settings >  Product Pages:

global cross sells

How to Assign a Specific Product to Handpicked Cross Sells in a Collection

1. Install Cross Sell in your store. If you need a hand, we can help you for free. Once the tool is installed, you can access and use Cross Sell from your Shopify admin page and the Cross Sell website.

2. Navigate to your dashboard and select Assign > Handpicked.

handpicked cross sells

3. Select the Assign Cross Sell button beside the product to which you want the collection assigned.

assign cross sell

4. Select the Collection/Collection Name button.

collection collection name

5. Choose the Assigning by Collection option, and select the dropdown box and the name of the collection. Hit Apply.


assign by collection

Cross Sell and Upsell Automatically With Cross Sell

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Automatically Assign Handpicked Cross Sells in 3 Ways

Auto-assign cross sells and upsells for each product by collection, vendor or sales. Right now, you can assign cross sells in bulk quantities by collection to save even more time.



Automatically assign handpicked cross sell products by collection.



Auto-assign handpicked cross sells by a product line’s vendor.



Use automatic cross sells for the best-selling items in your store.

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Join More Than 3,000 Happy Shopify Store Owners Using Cross Sell

…My company has been looking for an app to up-sell products on the cart page for a while now. This is the second app we have tried and it is significantly better than the pervious one we used. It is extremely user friendly and every time I have needed help, the Cross Sell customer support has been impeccable. They respond to messages the same day or next day at the latest and have helped me move the location of the cross sell bars on both the product pages and cart page. I am very pleased with how easy it is to use the app and how helpful the support team has been when I’ve needed anything!

– Master Locks

Amazing! I have had this installed for just under a week and have only added a handful of cross sells – it’s already generated an extra 10% revenue for us.

– Little Prince London

Cross Sell works!! It is very user friendly and the support is GREAT! It took me some time to learn how I needed it to work for my business…but once I realized all of what it really offered it has been a great success. Customers don’t have to think that hard or navigate far to see what needs to be added to their shopping cart.

– Legacy History Pride

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I automatically assign handpicked Cross Sells?

You can auto-assign cross sells for each of your products in three ways: by collection, vendor or sales. Bulk cross sells are currently available for cross sell picks by collection, and we’ll launch this feature for vendor and sales soon.

Where can my Cross Sell recommendations be shown?

Cross Sell product recommendations can display on your store’s home page, product pages, collection pages, upsell popups, checkout page, and cart page.

How much does Cross Sell cost?

Get started on Cross Sell for free with our 14-day trial. When that ends, monthly pricing starts at $29.99. See what works, and you can always upgrade or change your paid plan at any time.

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