Shopify - Cross Sell

Installation is simple

  1. Install and accept the charge.
  2. Once installed, Cross Sell can be accessed either by logging in to this site or via a link on each product page in the Shopify admin site.
  3. You are then ready to start using the Cross Sell application to search your inventory.
How it works, Step 2

Metafields are cool

  1. We utilize your store’s metafields.
  2. We provide a simple interface for you to search your inventory and select your hand-picked recommendations.
  3. The recommendations get saved to your Shopify store’s metafields, so there is no callback delay to slow down your customers shopping experience.
How it works, Step 3

Finer control

  1. Configure your Cross Sell settings.
  2. Choose default site wide Cross Sell products, select cart/basket page Cross Sell products, turn Cross Sell on and off, specify the title of your recommended products, how many products to display… and more.
  3. Provides flexibility if you do not wish to hand-pick all of your recommendations.
How it works, Step 4

Theme integration

  1. A snippet and 2 includes.
  2. Getting Cross Sell integrated with your theme is straightforward. A snippet is created during installation, so all you need to do is include it in your product and cart page.
  3. Styling is a personal choice, so the basic styling provided can easily be overwritten by your stylesheets.
  • Hand-pick Cross Sell recommendations on a per product basis.
  • Set specific recommendations for your basket/cart page.
  • Set store-wide global Cross Sell recommendations.
  • Easy integration, styling is up to you.
  • App settings let you turn features on and off.
  • Support forum for issues and announcements.
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