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Use Cross Sell to set up Shopify discounts on product recommendations and boost your sales, AOV, and profits.

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Use Shopify Discounts to Drive More Sales

Discounts are a staple of marketing strategies. All successful stores use them strategically to boost sales and profits, especially during seasonal promotions, campaigns, and flash sales. 

If you want a Shopify app that lets you easily display discounts on your cross sells, upsells, and product recommendations, look no further than Cross Sell.

Cross Sell Lets You Set up Discounts Easily and Effectively

Cross Sell is a Shopify app for upselling, cross selling, product recommendations, and product bundling. You can use it to set up discounts for any item you want to show as a recommendation for your customers.

Cross Sell Shopify Product Discount App

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Use These 3 Types of Discounts to Maximize Sales

Cross Sell allows you to create 3 effective types of discounts to entice all customers to buy your products – especially during promotion campaigns. Note that these discounts are applied at checkout before coupon codes.

Type 1: Percentage-based discounts

The tried-and-true “XX% off” discount. Use percentages that make sense for your profit margins while also making your offer a bargain that’s hard to dismiss.

Type 2: Fixed amount discount

Sweeten the deal by slashing prices. This discount is particularly effective if you want to clear slow-moving stock.


Cross Sell Shopify Discounts Fixed Amount

Type 3: “Buy X, get Y” discount

Another highly effective discounting tactic. Offering a discounted item to reward a customer for buying a certain number of items is a great way to boost your Average Order Value.

Cross Sell Shopify Discounts Buy X Get Y

How to Set Up Shopify Discounts with Cross Sell

1. Install Cross Sell

Install Cross Sell in your store to get started – we can help you with this for free. After the installation, you will be able to access and use Cross Sell from your Shopify admin page as well as our website.

2. Configure your settings

Create cross sells, upsells, product recommendations, and product bundles. Customize the buttons and popups to match your branding and determine which recommendations to show and when. If you need help with anything, reach out to our Support team and they will assist you promptly.

3. Create discounts

Set up discounts for specific products or storewide. You can create percentage-based, fixed discounts amount discounts, and “Buy X, get Y” discounts. These discounts will be applied in the cart and at checkout.

4. Track clicks and conversions

Watch as customers respond to the discounts you offer them. You can easily track clicks, conversions, and the additional revenue you make with Cross Sell.

Cross Sell Track Clicks and Conversions

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Place Your Discounted Products in These 3 Strategic Places

To help shoppers make their purchases and provide a stellar customer experience, it’s best to place your discounted products in these 3 places:

Product Pages

Recommend discounted products when a shopper is browsing a product page.

Items Added to the Cart

 Show customers a popup with your discounted recommendations right after they add an item to their cart.

The Cart Page

Suggest discounted products on the cart page, right before customers checkout.

You Can Also Use Cross Sell for…

  • Hand-picked cross sells
  • Upsells
  • Best sellers
  • Recommended and related products
  • Product bundles

Why Use Cross Sell?

  • Trusted by 3,000+ Shopify stores in over 30 countries
  • Easy integration
  • Highly customizable
  • Compatible with all Shopify themes
  • AI-powered product recommendation engine
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Hand-picked recommendations for more relevant cross-sells, and upsells
  • No coding needed
  • More affordable than most similar apps
  • Stellar support and help guides

Cross Sell Integrates with

  • Pagefly
  • Shogun
  • Gempage

More than 3,000 Shopify Stores Are Using Cross Sell

Super easy to use and style! Setup takes merely minutes and you’re ready to go. New version that includes Quickview is great and expands the customers shopping experience. Love it!

– Unwrapped Life

Their support is unbelievable. They are extremely helpful and super kind. Thank you so much for customizing everything for me!”

– The Polished Jar

We swapped over to this app from another one and it is amazing!! Would 100% recommend, it does so much more than the other apps and the support is fabulous. I had a few custom changes that I wanted to make and support was straight onto it.”

– Black Mango


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I display Cross Sell recommendations?

You can display Cross Sell product recommendations on your home page, collection pages, product pages, cart page, and checkout page.

What if a discounted item is out of stock?

Before you activate your Shopify discounts, be sure to activate a setting that hides recommended items when they are out of stock. This way, customers will only see recommendations of products that are still in stock.

How much does it cost to use Cross Sell?

You can get started for free with our 14-day trial. You can keep using our free plan as long as you want and upgrade or switch to a paid plan anytime.

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