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Shopify Product Bundling

Use Cross Sell, the top-rated Shopify product bundling app, to show customers bundle suggestions and boost your revenue without spending more on traffic.

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Add Shopify Product Bundles to Your Store and Maximize Your AOV

Are you struggling to increase your store’s profitability? Is the cost of advertising chipping away at your net margins?

If you are facing this challenge, you need to increase your revenue without spending more on traffic. The best way to do that is to increase your Average Order Value (AOV) by suggesting product bundles that cater to your customers’ needs and wants.

Enter Cross Sell, the Top-Rated Shopify Product Bundling App

Cross Sell is a Shopify app for upselling, cross selling, product recommendations, and product bundling. More than 3,000 stores use it to boost AOV and profits.

Unlike other product bundle apps, Cross Sell allows you to handpick products so that bundles are made of complementary items. Instead of relying on algorithms that may mix unrelated products together, you can manually create bundles that shoppers will see on the product and cart pages.

Cross Sell Shopify Product Bundling App

How Cross Sell Works

1. Install Cross Sell

Install Cross Sell on your store and be sure to add our snippet (a line of code) on your product and cart templates. We can help you with the installation for free. Once installed, you can access Cross Sell both from your Shopify admin page and our website.

2. Set up your product bundles

Create different bundles made of complementary products. You can do this manually or based on sales history, orders, and collections. Determine when to show each product bundle. Cross Sell will use your store’s metafields to save recommendations.

Cross Sell Shopify Handpicked Product Bundles

3. Configure your settings

Customize and activate the Instant Add to Cart buttons, Quickview buttons, and Popups. Don’t hesitate to contact our Support team for anything you want to change or customize.

4. Track clicks and conversions

Cross Sell is now active! Shoppers will see relevant bundle recommendations. Track clicks, conversions, and the additional revenue from your Cross Sell dashboard.

Try Cross Sell for Your Shopify Product Bundles

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Place Your Bundle Recommendations in These 3 Strategic Places


Product Pages

Suggest product bundles when store visitors are browsing a product page.

Items Added to the Cart

Recommend a product bundle in a popup when shoppers add an item to their cart.

The Cart Page

Show a bundle recommendation when shoppers are at the cart page and ready to checkout.

Cross Sell Flexible Product Bundle Placement

You Can Also Use Cross Sell for…

Why Choose Cross Sell?

  • Trusted by 3,000+ Shopify stores in over 30 countries
  • Easy integration
  • Works on all Shopify themes
  • Extensive customization options
  • Hand-picked recommendations for more control over suggestions, cross-sells, and upsells
  • No coding required
  • AI-powered product recommendation engine
  • Top-rated support & help guides

Cross Sell Integrates with

  • Pagefly
  • Shogun
  • Gempage

More than 3,000 Shopify Stores Are Using Cross Sell

Their support is unbelievable. They are extremely helpful and super kind. Thank you so much for customizing everything for me!”

– The Polished Jar

This app provides a strong return and the service is best in class. We almost 2X our AOV with Cross Sell orders. This app gives a ton of flexibility in where you want your cross-sell to show up and how often you want it to show up.”

– La La Leaf

Cross Sell has truly delivered. It has more than paid for itself with the extra sales I would not have had without it. In my case, variants would not solve the problem of associating similar products with each other. But Cross Sell fixed that and now when a customer browses one product, they see the related products that actually make sense and it is paying off. Their support was great at installation, too.”

– Waterknot









Shopify Product Bundling FAQ


What if a related item is out of stock?

No problem. You can activate a setting that hides related items when they are out of stock. You can also hide items that are already in the customer’s cart.

What if I have too many products to create bundles manually?

You can set up Cross Sell to show a set of related suggestions either storewide or within a collection.

Alternatively, if you’d like to save time by bulk assigning cross sells, you can send us a request and we’ll do it for you – read this guide to learn more.

How much does it cost to use Cross Sell?

You can get started for free with our 14-day trial. You can keep using our free plan as long as you want and upgrade or switch to a paid plan anytime.

Unlock the power of cross selling with Shopify product bundling and boost your store’s profits.

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