Frequently Bought Together Boosts Your Shopify Average Order Value

frequently bought together

Cross Sell, the top Shopify frequently bought together app, lets you easily recommend related products and raise revenue without investing more in traffic.

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Frequently Bought Together Bundles Boost Your Shopify Store’s AOV

If you’re having a hard time increasing the profitability of your store and expensive ads are eating away at your bottom line, it’s time to rethink your strategy. You need to boost your revenue without investing more in traffic and impressions. But how?

The ideal way is to raise your customers’ Average Order Value (AOV) through products often bought together, bundled to meet your customers’ needs.

Try Cross Sell, the Best App for Frequently Bought Together Products

Cross Sell is a top-rated Shopify app for upselling, cross selling, product recommendations, and regularly-bought item bundling. 3,000+ stores use it to raise profits and AOV.

With Cross Sell, unlike other similar apps for these purposes, you can handpick bundles of frequently bought together items. This means you don’t need to rely on algorithms that could make mistakes but instead have total control over what your shoppers see on your store’s product and cart pages.

how cross sell works

Here’s How Cross Sell Works

1. Install the Cross Sell app

Install Cross Sell on your store and add our snippet/line of code on your product and cart templates. We’re here to help you with the installation, at no charge.
Once the app is installed, access Cross Sell from your Shopify admin page or our

2. Set up your Frequently Bought Together product bundles

From there, it’s simple to create different product bundles made of items typically bought together.
feature easily lets you combine a main product with additional complementary products to offer as a bundle of items at a reduced price that you set.

Simply navigate to the Frequently Bought Together menu in Cross Sell:


frequently bought together cross sell


Then, select the items to add to your frequently bought together bundle:


assign frequently bought together bundles


And set your frequently bought together bundle price and name:


name price frequently bought together bundle

3. Configure your settings

Customize & activate Quickview buttons, Instant Add to Cart buttons, and Popups. Contact our friendly Support team with anything you want to update or customize.

4. Track your clicks and conversions

Cross Sell is now active and your shoppers will see budles of items often bought together. You can track clicks, conversions, & additional revenue right from Cross Sell’s dashboard.

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Show Your Frequently Bought Together Suggestions in These 3 Key Spots


frequently bought together product page

Product Pages

Suggest frequently bought item bundles when visitors browse a product page.

frequently bought together add items to cart

Items Added to Cart

Recommend a typically bought together bundle via popup when shoppers add an item to their cart.

frequently bought together product cart pages

Cart Page

Display a bundle of items often bought together when shoppers are about to checkout at the cart page.

flexible product placement

Cross Sell is also great for:

  • Other product bundles
  • Upsells and cross-sells, including with discounts
  • Recommended, related, and best-seller products
  • Easy integrations with tools like Shogun, Pagefly, and Gempage

Why Choose Cross Sell?

  • Trusted by over 3,000 Shopify stores in 30+ countries
  • Works on all Shopify themes
  • Easy integration
  • Various options for customization
  • Hand-picked suggestions for control over recommendations, cross-sells, and upsells
  • No coding needed
  • AI-powered product recommendation engine
  • Helpful, responsive support & useful help guides

Over 3,000 Shopify Stores Love Using Cross Sell

Their support is unbelievable. They are extremely helpful and super kind. Thank you so much for customizing everything for me!”

– The Polished Jar

This app provides a strong return and the service is best in class. We almost 2X our AOV with Cross Sell orders. This app gives a ton of flexibility in where you want your cross-sell to show up and how often you want it to show up.”

– La La Leaf

Cross Sell has truly delivered. It has more than paid for itself with the extra sales I would not have had without it. In my case, variants would not solve the problem of associating similar products with each other. But Cross Sell fixed that and now when a customer browses one product, they see the related products that actually make sense and it is paying off. Their support was great at installation, too.”

– Waterknot









Shopify Frequently Bought Together FAQ


What if I have too many products to manually create my item bundles?

It’s easy to set up Cross Sell to display a set of related suggestions to your main product, either by collection or across your store.
Or, to save time, you can bulk-assign cross-sells by emailing your request to [email protected] or checking out
this guide.

Can I use frequently bought together as a promotion?

Absolutely. Many Shopify store owners use this feature for their Shopify “buy x get y” discounts or deals.

What happens if a bundled item is out of stock?

This isn’t an issue – you can activate a setting that hides related out-of-stock items, plus you can hide items already in a customer’s cart.
Even better so you don’t miss out on sales, go ahead and set up notification alerts by integrating a back-in-stock app like Back In Stock.

How much does Cross Sell cost?

Get started with Cross Sell on a free 14-day trial, so you can get to know the app and how it would work for your store. Then, continue to use the free plan as long as you’d like and upgrade to a paid plan at any point.



Take advantage of Shopify item bundling with Cross Sell and enjoy more sales and profits.

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